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Saturday, April 28, 2018   /   by Ben Love

The BEST Way To Be “Superdad” For Your Children During Their Home-Buying Experience

So your kid is out there looking to buy a house.

You think to yourself, “I know she’s not a ‘kid’ anymore…”

But…she’s still your kid.

It’s hard to just stand by and watch. You want to step in and make sure she doesn’t make a mistake, or spend too much.

You can’t believe the prices of houses she’s looking at. You felt like the prices were high when you bought your first home, and now…now they’re just crazy. Who can afford these prices?

Everything she’s looking at are absolute money-pits. You feel like most of these houses are basically tear-downs.

And you’re pretty sure the agent she’s working with is just in it for the money…

Pushing her to make a quick decision.Pushing her to go to the highest price she can afford.Pushing her to make a decision before you chime in.Pushing you away&hel ...

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